Scott Stader - RUN365 Guy. 

Proud hubby, dad, and AT&T guy. I've been running for 9 years and have loved every minute and mile!

I've run over 490 races over those 11 years including 68 marathons/ultras, 92 half marathons and scores of 5k's, 10k's and other incredible races. I'm currently in the midst of my quest to run a marathon in every state. I've ran a marathon in 30 states so far and have a great support system in RUN365 and also my incredible friends in the Marathon Maniacs, Half Fanatics and the 50 States Club. 

- Favorite Marathons: Kauai & Boston

- Favorite Half: The Middle Half

- Race That Mattered Most: St. Jude Memphis Marathon. Being a St Jude Hero is such a blessing and great way to give back. 

- Favorite Non-traditional Race: Tennessee Ragnar Relay - hanging out with 11 of your best running buds for a couple days of running across the state is a blast! 

- Favorite Running Memories: Eating pizza while running during RUTS (Run Under The Stars) ultra marathon or almost being hit by a deer flying over my head at a Memphis Road Race Series 10K. Also - running a 5K in the Bahamas with my wife on our honeymoon this year was pretty incredible as well! 





2016 Chickfila 5k! 

2016 Chickfila 5k!